Blimey O’Reily!

Now that I have lured you in with that captivating title I shall try to keep you here through wizadry!..or failing that words…or failing that song…no seriously…

Hope you had a lovely St Patricks day…mine involved walking around Belfast worse for wear being propositioned by strange strange men…it happened once but that was enough…Bloody men ey?!

I am now in an awesome new guild on the EU with a boosted mage who I’m having fun playing although the DPS rotation is pretty boring right now, although Im used to play a destro lock so I can’t really complain!

Also said destro lock has managed to start ranking in SoO fights, huzzah! 48th on Sha I believe with 400k. I wasn’t concerned about ranking at all until it happened and now I’m mega ultra WTF competitive about the whole thing and have been standing at dummies working out rotations….

I have no WoW based pictures currently, so enjoy my greatest ever attempt at a visual pun…”50 shades of neigh” … Im here all week.

I’m still unsure about playing US next expansion as well as EU, since raid times are going to be disgusting whilst in the world of work, however I may stick around to PvP or some such jazz!

Jazz is an awesome segway into music, and as promised here is some music…  . I appreciate this is going to come over as massively self indulgent and lead to muchos de trollo but f*** it, Im on the internet anyway. Either way let me know what you think, only one way to get better!

Carrying on in the lack of actual WoW based commentary, which I will try and fix but I doubt my thoughts on cross realm are altogether that interesting…here is a picture of a monkey

He is of particular interest to me as he is a BASTARD. He cost me £50 and failed a failed MoT because he stole the thing that washes my car windscreen…don’t drive through monkey enclosures folks…no matter how cute they are…*frassing rassing…mutter mutter mutter*

To put up and shut up?!


So I now have 3 90s (destro lock / H pally / fury warrior) and one of which is now classed as a heroic raider…and he DOESNT have a legendary cloak…shoot me now! So can be done. It may be because Im a destro lock though and they seem to be pretty out of this world right now…1.7mill chaos bolt SAY WHAAAA!


(The above has nothing to do with anything. But look at the shiny shiny!)

At the moment though the problem that I have is that 1) I’m addicted to noggenfogger, and 2) My raid leader is really starting to grind my gears.
How much douchebaggery should you have to put up in the name of progress? Especially when before he was RL I’d consider him a good guy and a WoW based friend…
The most recent issue arose on HC protectors where I had lowest dps but highest dispels (Sac’ing imp), since we had problems with healing…funnily enough we got further on that try than on the others.

Any help on the matter would be awesome (feel free to offer me a guild on a different server to come and join!)

On a brighter note here is my t-mog. Now if only I had the green flames to go with the colours…FUU maintenance…frassing rassing people who want their 2 seater mounts…taking 2 days of maintenance to fix *mumble mumble mumble*

Moving on up


Purple squadron is deadly squadron.


But green lock of death is deathly.

So… a lot has happened since I last posted. I have finished 5 essays and a group project as well as got my gear score up to 540 and managed to find a truly social guild which I am loving!

The down side is that raid times start at 2am for me…so thank god I’m still a student!

As you can also see I have got the felheart transmog because memories….lots of memories… I really love tier 1….so much nostalgia. I wanted it so bad when it was relevant and never got around to it so Im making the most of my overwhelming power!

Just letting you know Im alive. There will be hilarity soon as Im RAF’ing with an Amercan guy I met.


Social guild! Looking..for…guild?

Hello again,


So it turns out that what I’m looking for, a social guild that know…talks , doesn’t actually exist anymore. Does anyone know what the hell happened to them?

Now, I like to talk more than most, otherwise I wouldn’t be doing this to be honest, but why would you advertise your guild as social unless people actually talked?! Apparently the answer is that social guild now actually means “pretty shit at raiding…guild” which I haven’t realised until now, which makes me sad.

I will keep looking until I find a guild that just likes to hang out of vent or what not and shoot the breeze whilst playing some WoW, rather than sitting in their in silence looking at their guild numbers and taking that as a mark of how social they are….I have no idea why this makes me so annoyed…perhaps it’s my pathological need to be human.

On a brighter note here’s a hilarious comic front cover.


Hey look! I have a thing!


Hey look at this thing I have! It’s pretty cool huh?!

I was just killing my way through the rares of Pandaria and came across the item [Aqua Jewel] from Sahn Tidehunter, which makes to swim faster (50%) and gives you underwater breathing, all pretty useless to be honest but it makes you look rather sexual!

It has to be said that I’ve been clicking that item for that look way too often now and may be in danger of  OD’ing on it. I’ve found myself going back to my noggenfogger addiction, there really needs to be helpline for that stuff, methadone isn’t cutting it.


In other news my guild and I are starting on a bit of a social event drive including things such as time trial races and stormwind pacman which should be great fun to be honest, a lot better than the standard guild lottery (which we also have it must be said). I’m rather skeptical and nervous about just how many people are going to turn up for these events though, it feels like I’m about to throw a party in my own name and nobody show up!

In more hilarious news I have made a few freudian slips recently, probably the pinnacle of which being the following..

I don’t know what a mad german scientist loves like, but I can’t imagine it being very pleasant. How does a German scientist make love?! Prizes for entries people!

And finally I leave you with this, an LFR take on Lionel Richie, you have to imagine it’s a Chinese version however..

*cue outro music*

Keeping Up Appearances

It’s been a long, long time since I logged onto the US servers to actually play, but since I’m in Australia right now it results in a better ping so I thought i would give it a go…


He is still as adorable as ever, with just a few modifications, such as the head piece from ZF and the ever so awesome felheart shoulders!
I managed to join a guild while I was online as well and group up for some LFR, only the start ones as this guy is still slightly awful! I was surprised by just how easy it is to get a warlock to do quite decent DPS, in 460 gear I could easily do 40-50k, which is, considering that my warrior (in Prot gear mind) does that amount it’s quite fun to pew pew. Now,, if only I could get some green fire!

In EU based news I’ve joined a band in the role of Bez (Happy Mondays)


Which means I just stand at the front and dance. We are a rock ballet fusion where I display emotion through the medium of dance. If you would like to make this happen in real life then contact me as it would be hilarious!

I am yet to actually raid properly with this guy which is annoying as hell since it goes against my hardcore raider tendancies but it’s really nice to just be part of a awesome community and I know it will be worth it in the end…which does remind me, if you are on the EU side of things and like awesome guilds….Magtheridon server  (Shameless plug)

Outside of WoW, in the wider internet world, I have a video on warcraftmovies now about getting the above warrior set (  which has over a thousand views…madness! I already have my first troll comment, go me!

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P.S Any community/podcast projects that are going on, I would love to be a part of it! Just send me a message on twitter and let’s create something awesome!?